Increasing the number of talented Software Engineers in Latin America

The omegaUp board of directors

President Alan Gonzalez A. González has a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering (2012) from Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya. He created Teddy Online Judge in 2008, which hosted several national-level contests. He is currently a Software Engineer in Microsoft, working in the Operating Systems group.
Vice-President Joemmanuel Ponce Galindo J. Ponce participated in the IOI 2005 and was Mexican IOI Deputy Leader in 2009 and 2010. Has a bachelor’s degree in computer science (2011) from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus León. He contributes to the Mexican Olympiad in Informatics coordinating the national team selection process since 2009 and currently works for Microsoft as a Software Engineer in Windows Azure SQL DB.
Chief Techonology Officer Luis Hector Chávez ACM-ICPC world finalist (2010) with a bachelor's degree in computer science (2011) from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro. Has been involved in several efforts to improve the state of programming contests in Mexico since 2007, and one of the co-founders and lead architect of omegaUp. Staff Software Engineer at Google in the Chrome OS team. Interested in computer security, operating systems, compilers, and distributed systems.
Treasurer Alexis Cervantes
Secretary Sergio Antonio Marquez De Silva
Director Nancy Pacheco I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science. My research was focused on the design, development and implementation of a website platform to help college students learn mathematics. I'm passionate about educational technology. Therefore, since I finished grad school a have been working on different educational projects. At present, I'm an Instructional Design Consultant at Shmoop where I design courses to help people learn Computer Science and I'm collaborating with the Computer History Museum designing activities for schools. My other big fascination is web design. I enjoy the combination of a well-structured interface, with appropriate typography and color and a interesting content. For that reason I appreciate participating in projects where I can improve my knowledge in user experience and front-end technologies.
Director Pablo Mario Aguilar Gonzalez Have been programming since '96. Getting payed for it since '99. Worked at SoftSteel Inc (content understanding, 3d modeling), NearTec (content classification, web crawling), and currently work at Google (entity linking). Got PhD in CS, working on image processing and pattern recognition. Been participating in programming competitions since 2005 when I discovered TopCoder. Worked on open source C++ libraries for a while, reviewed a couple of C++ books.
Director Rafael Díaz Worked 3 years in the East Coast as an UX software engineer, used GWT, Selenium, JavaScript, CSS at Appian Currently working on my MS in CS (specialized in game development) SDE for Microsoft HoloLens. Interested in UX, visual arts, visual communications, design.