Increasing the number of talented Software Engineers in Latin America is an online platform where students improve their software engineering skills by solving coding challenges and competing with other peers in programming contests organized by the community.

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What is omegaUp?

omegaUp is a non-profit organization (501c3) aimed to increase the number of talented Software Engineers in Latin America. Students can use our open source platform to learn and improve their Computer Science skills through coding challenges with a fun and competitive approach.

Teachers and tutors can create new coding challenges or use existing ones to start online programming competitions with local, national or even international reach. provides the platform to create coding challenges, manage contests and automatically grade solutions to challenges with immediate feedback.

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Who is using omegaUp? has more than 25,000 users registered to date. Our service grades more than 1,000 daily code solutions. Teachers have more than 3000 tasks that can be used to create contests and assign homeworks to students. Most content in the platform has been written in Spanish, but omegaUp supports other languages as English and Portuguese.

Enthusiast Computer Science teachers and students from many Latin-American Universities and High-Schools actively use in their classrooms to improve the learning experience of their students:

Programming Contests powered by omegaUp has been the official platform for the Mexican Olympiad in Informatics (OMI) since 2011. All participant States in the OMI leverage our platform to prepare their students to take part on the national contest. Also since 2015 omegaUp hosts the Ibero-american Olympiad in Informatics with students participating from Mexico🇲🇽, Colombia🇨🇴, Bolivia🇧🇴, Chile🇨🇱, Brazil🇧🇷, Portugal🇵🇹, Spain🇪🇸, Peru🇵🇪, Argentina🇦🇷 and Venezuela🇻🇪.

Competencia Iberoamericana de Informática y Computación.

The Mexican Olympiad in Informatics

The Mexican Olympiad in Informatics (OMI) is a programming contest for high-school students held yearly. The best 120 students from all around the country compete for a medal and a place in the National Team representing Mexico in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

Since 2011, has provided the online platform to run this contest and enable teachers and trainers to better prepare their students to compete. omegaUp has been instrumental in Mexico performance in the IOI in the last years, winning Bronze, Silver and one Gold medal.

The omegaUp board of directors

Alan González, CEO

Alan González

Chief Executive Officer

Alan is co-founder of omegaUp and graduated from Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya (Mexico). He created Teddy Online Judge in 2008, which hosted several national-level programming contests. He is currently a Software Engineer in Microsoft, working in the Operating Systems group.
Joemmanuel Ponce, VP

Joemmanuel Ponce

Vice President

Joe is one of the co-founders of omegaUp. International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) participant in 2005 and contributed actively to the Mexican Olympiad in Informatics by managing the selection process from 2008 to 2013. He currently works for Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer in Azure SQL DB.

Luis Héctor Chávez

Chief Technology Officer

ACM-ICPC world finalist (2010) with a bachelor's degree in computer science (2011) from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro. Has been involved in several efforts to improve the state of programming contests in Mexico since 2007, and one of the co-founders and lead architect of omegaUp. Staff Software Engineer at Google in the Chrome OS team. Interested in computer security, operating systems, compilers, and distributed systems.
Sergio Antonio Márquez de Silva, COO

Sergio Antonio Márquez de Silva


Sergio has a Computer Science Ph.D. from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN, México). He has worked for private and government companies designing, developing and maintaining software applications for more than 15 years.
Nancy Pacheco, Director

Nancy Pacheco


Nancy has a passion for educational technology and user experience technologies. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science focused on the design, development and implementation of a platform to help college students learn mathematics. At present, Nancy is an Instructional Design Consultant at Shmoop where she designs courses to help people learn Computer Science and she is collaborating with the Computer History Museum designing activities for schools.
Nancy Pacheco, Director

Pablo Aguilar


Pablo has been programming since '96. Getting paid for it since '99; currently working at Google. Pablo has a Ph.D. in Computer Science with research on image processing and pattern recognition. He has been participating in programming competitions since 2005. He is contributor to many open source C++ libraries.
Sergio Antonio Márquez de Silva, COO

Rafael Díaz


Rafael participated on the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad, winning a Gold Medal. Currently working as a Software Engineer for Microsoft HoloLens. Rafael interests are UX, visual arts, visual communications and design. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree on Game Developent at DigiPen.
Alexis Cervantes, Director

Alexis Cervantes


Alexis wanted to be a programmer to create his own videogames since he was 10 years old. He participated in the Mexican Olympiad in Informatics in 2003 and has been an active member of the Scientific Committee since 2007. He cofounded a startup called Gestii in 2010 that aims to create world class software made in Mexico.
Freddy Román, Director

Freddy Román


Competitive programmer (ACM-ICPC World Finalist, International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), Mexican Olympiad in Informatics), currently studying Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics at ITAM. As part of the Olympiad's Scientific Committee, he helps train the best young programmers in the country to represent Mexico in the IOI.
Amanda Reinhard, Director

Amanda Reinhard


Experienced and goal-oriented Director of Finance with a demonstrated track record of leading the preparation and analysis of financial reports to summarize and forecast financial position seeks a growth position with a strong organization. Core competencies include accounting management, financial planning & analysis, forecasting, regulatory compliance, problem solving, budget oversight, and efficiency improvements.
Yamila Harris

Yamila Harris


Enthusiastic Global Executive Leader passionate about customer-centric technology transformations, developing a culture of innovation, cultivating and empowering diverse talent, and building lasting relationships. Proven track record with over 20 years of leadership experience across multiple Information Technology and Business disciplines including: Workplace Technology Services, End User Experience, Contact Center Technology, Network Services, Learning and Development, and Healthcare IT Innovation. Experienced Public Speaker, and strong advocate for diversity & inclusion, women in STEM, and literacy - helping develop our future leaders. Zealous believer in the 'Art of the Possible'.

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omegaUp is looking for passionate individuals who would like to join us in our mission of increasing the number of talented Sofware Engineers in Latin America, while having fun doing it and learning cool new techologies on the journey. Our goal is very ambicious, we would love to hear from you.